Parklex Facade

Parklex Facade is a high-density stratified timber panel (HPL) finished with natural timber veneers, highly resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric agents.

Parklex Facade includes Everlook, a special overlay that dramatically increases the normal life of the panel, improving UV resistance and colour stability.

Only the natural wood materials can transmit the feeling of comfort and quality that wood gives to a building. Parklex offers a wide range of special cladding profiles for the exterior, manufactured from natural timber by a special procedure which grants resistance and durability, ideal for the exterior cladding of buildings. Regardless whether it is raining, it's sunny, it's hot or cold, Parklex stratified timber panels allow for the exterior cladding of buildings with natural wood, giving them a new quality and comfort feel.

applications / uses

The range of applications for the Parklex Facade high-density stratified timber panels is extremely varied:

Parklex Facade - Applications for hotels Hotels
Parklex Facade - Applications for hospitals Hospitals
Parklex Facade - Applications for offices Office
Parklex Facade - Applications for offices Public
Parklex Facade - Applications for offices Museums
Parklex Facade - Applications for offices Health
Parklex Facade - Applications for offices Train Stations

characteristics / advantages

The structure of the Parklex Facade wood panels for exterior cladding

Parklex Facade is a panel manufactured from kraft paper finished with natural wood veneers, treated with resins under high pressure and temperature.

The Parklex Facade high-density stratified timber panels are made of:

  • PVDF Antigraffiti overlay (a)
  • Everlook (b)
  • Natural timber veneer (c)
  • HPL core (d)
  • Natural timber veneer (e)
  • Balancing film (f)

The main characteristics of Parklex Facade are as follows:

  • Water resistance
  • UV protection
  • Various finishes
  • Anti-graffiti, easy maintenance
  • Natural wood veneer
  • Tested durability

The exterior cladding panels are available in 2,440 x 1,220 mm format and variable thicknesses.

finishes / colours

Parklex Facade - Ambar Ambar
Parklex Facade - Antra Antra
Parklex Facade - Copper Copper
Parklex Facade - Gold Gold

The variety of finishes and colours in natural wood panels sets Parklex apart as a result of its versatility, making it the ideal covering for any type of project.

Perfect adaptation to the project design is an essential requirement. That’s why the technology used to manufacture Parklex Facade allows us to apply different finishes, all in natural wood, to integrate them completely into the environment that is required for each project.

Parklex Facade - Onix Onix
Parklex Facade - Quartz Quartz
Parklex Facade - Rubi Rubi
Parklex Facade - Silver Silver

The traditional finishes on Parklex Facade underline the simplicity, natural beauty of the wood it is made of.

assembly / mounting

Parklex Facade natural wood panels are decorative panels which must be installed on ventilated surfaces. The ventilated façade is an optimal system, due to the rational separation between the thermal insulation, the load-bearing structure and the Parklex Facade panels. The ventilated façade consists of creating a "moving air chamber" between the panels and their next cladding element (such as the building's heat insulation). The advantages of the ventilated façade system are the following: permeability (prevents condensation behind the panels), protection against water (prevents water infiltration), thermal insulation, acoustic insulation.

Parklex Façade for exterior cladding is installed on vertical walls, forming standard 10 mm horizontal and vertical joints.

Parklex Facade - Assembly method 1 Exposed fastening
system with screws
or rivets
Parklex Facade - Assembly method 2 Hidden fastening
system with caps
Parklex Facade - Assembly method 3 Hidden fastening
system with hanger system
Parklex Facade - Assembly method 4 Hidden fastening
system with adhesive

Further details on the assembly of Parklex Facade natural timber panels for exterior cladding:

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