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Decodeckis a composite board manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of wood and plastics, combining the best properties of both materials.

The natural feeling and looks of wood are now combined with the reliability and freedom of design typical of plastics, resulting in a highly durable and low-maintenance material.

Due to the excellent characteristics of the Decodeck composite boards, new products can be developed, otherwise impossible to make from natural wood. Design possibilities are endless. Because of its high resistance to moisture, Decodeck is absolutely free from rotting, splintering and decaying.

applications / uses

Decodeck is especially designed to withstand environmental factors (humidity, dry weather, heat, frost, sunlight, heavy wear).

Because of these characteristics and its resistance to humidity (even to salt water), Decodeck is used in works where classical wood would not meet the requirements, with an extended range of applications:

Decodeck - Applications for fences Fences
Decodeck - Applications for terraces Private or
Public Terraces
Decodeck - Applications for displays Displays
Decodeck - Applications for pools Paving the areas
the pools
Decodeck - Applications for alleys Exterior
Decodeck - Applications for outdoor furniture Outdoor
Decodeck - Applications for stairways Stairways
Decodeck - Applications for inner gardens Inner

characteristics / advantages

Decodeck - Board

Composite Decodeck boards offer many advantages:

  • They keep their appearance for years

  • Water resistant

  • Easy and accurate mounting

  • No splitting
  • Not slippery

  • No parasites

  • No rotting and decaying

  • Feeling and looking like natural wood
  • Processed with classical tools

  • No oiling or painting required

  • Zero maintenance

finishes / colours

DECODECK composite boards are available in 5 colours:

Decodeck - Sahara Brown Sahara Brown
Decodeck - Canyon Red Canyon Red
Decodeck - Tabacco Brown Tobacco Brown
Decodeck - Dark Brown Dark Brown
Decodeck - Caviar Black Caviar Black

assembly / mounting

Because it is especially easy to install, Decodeck is thus the most adequate material for various floorings.

The composite Decodeck floors are easy to mount with standard timber tools and do not require any specific machinery/tools.

Whilst processing, no splintering or splitting of the decking boards will occur.

For full details on the installation of Decodeck boards:

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